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Alap Europe Ltd.

The Alap Europe Ltd offers since 2004 quick and effective solutions to the problems in the various fields of the industry.

We belong to the few SMES that is 100% Hungarian-owned, service suppliers to meet the increased expectations of companies; automotives and Integrator in Hungary and abroad is a growing area of activity: the Veszprém in Hungary, but also in Germany, as well as two locations      – Wemding and Dresden      – three shifts, we provide continuously service to our partners.

Quality management

Our company services basically wage labor and quality management, primarily in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics industry. Almost 150 colleagues, 450 M inspected, 20 M detected nonconformities, and millions of pre-assembled component is was our work in the past. Our services provide the opportunity to solve the quality problems in the immediate (immediate sorting, rework actions), prevention (X-ray inspection), quality processes, such, supporting documentation (3D scanning of parts dimensions), respectively problem solving if You have shortage in production capacity (operator job, pre-assembly, soldering).

Currently we work with the largest capacity on the following tasks:

In order to ensure the unhindered material flow we operate with own subcontractors logistics.

In connection with the automotive works and service we have liability insurance. Quality assurance system is certified by TÜV ISO 9001, TS 16949 which elements have been updated.

In the course of cooperating with respect to our activities:

Alap Hungaria Ltd. found manager of the Alap Group

Alap Inspector Ltd. -3D measurement, back-modeling, 3D printing