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SQA services

We can allocate to the clients high skilled experts with long experience to improve the quality indicators, to all kind […]

Project Support

Full support of projects to our clients in order to ensure the successful implementation ─ from the initial step till […]

Audits, assessments

The quality of the supply chain is largely determined the success of your business. For our clients, we offer an […]

Active supplier development

For our customers we practice an active supplier development. Our colleagues worked long years at production firms, mostly at automotive […]

Sorting, measurement, rework of own or supplier’s products

Quality problem or non-conformities can happen at any time. It can be cosmetic failure or functional defect, supplier process related, […]

Wage labor, preassembly, soldering works

We perform a comprehensive wage labor and pre assembly precise in high quality, with well trained, experienced manpower. We can […]

X-ray testing

X-ray material testing can give You a picture from inside, no damage, fast and accurate, from the hide manufacturing defects, […]

CSL1, CSL2 (Controlled Shipping Level 1 and 2)

The inspection and control have to ensure the detection and separation of non-conform parts which are mixes by chance to […]

Direct contacts to the suppliers, performing documentation and reports

A main potency of our company is the daily administration, reporting and documentation which are very time-consuming for the customer. […]

3D serial measurements

3D optical measurement service is based on the newest, high-tech GOM equipment. This technology enables a very high precision measurement […]